About C3 Security Inc.

C3 Security was formed with one intention – to automate the workflows performed by the best data breach responders in the world. Our team consists of founders and advisors were a part of and led some of the largest data breach responses in the United States. The inherent truth is that there are more hacks than we can handle with our current resources.

Top responders cost millions to employ during a data breach response, and only a few companies are able to hire a top tier responder internally to protect their organization. This means that we rely more on our security products to prevent hackers from compromising our networks. While these products are necessary, they do not protect what they don't see.

That's where the premise of full visibility drove C3’s development efforts to become completely data source agnostic. Your security solutions may only protect your perimeter, but there are plenty of other devices and applications that capture logs throughout your environment. While standard security solutions provide direct detection, C3 is the first to emphasize indirect detection.

The startup scene is a crazy world, and we were able to join forces with Chris Klaus and the Cyberlaunch Accelerator to better develop an innovative technology that will introduce a new breed of technology within cyber security. The industry has already taken the first steps towards this direction with Orchestration and Threat Hunting, but C3 started its development efforts long before these two concepts even existed.